Shlub's Recipe

Delira Games is the perfect recipe for...

Deliria Makes Out

Tyranis and Hippocampus walk in on Deliria.

Deliria Games Wine Vendor

Deliria Desguised at the Deliria Games.

Broseidon "Nobody knows my pain"

Broseidon gets Heckled.

Random Animal Exit

Deliria gets heated when compared to Athena.

Snakes to Men

Deliria transfigures snakes back into men.

Wolf Negotiations

Shlub reports on what the wolves are proposing.

Tyrannis Proposes

The work of a local sculptor inspires Tyrannis to propose.

Mound of Dead Bodies

Hippocampus tries to bring dead bodies into his lab for scientific study.

Poseidon Arrives

Tyrannis meets Poseidon for the first time.

Faith In Science

Hippocampus struggles with a malfunctioning invention.

Closing Number Time

Deleria practices her grand exit with civilians forced into being her backup dancers.

Date With a Goddess

Tyrannis revels in his upcoming date with a goddess.


Tyrannis and Hippocampus set out to rescue Prometheus.